Cassandra Isaacs

    Cassandra IsaacsFrom an early age Cassandra demonstrated the ability to sense and perceive the thoughts of those around her. This somewhat passive skill grew in strength as she aged, to the point that it became too hard to concentrate and ignore these thoughts at the age of 16. Thankfully the newly formed Technically Augmented Counter Terrorism (T.A.C.T.) division of the US government was on hand to take her in and help her master her unique talents.

    After years of training, chemical enhancers and dampening technology, Cassandra can now directly manipulate objects with her mind and tune out the interference of people’s minds in close proximity.

    She is on record for lifting a 500 lbs En-Merc (40% prosthetics) and subsequently throwing him through a solid concrete wall in self-defence, simply with her mind. Her psychic dampening hood can control the strength of her telepathic powers, to help block out the psychic inference from the minds around her that she passively picks up. The trade-off however is, the more she dampens her telepathy, the more she dampens her telekinetic powers. Through her training, Cassandra has learnt to finely balance this and knows how and when to ‘dial things up’ as the situation requires.

    Her passive telepathy makes her the perfect spotter for her T.A.C.T. partner, Lance Boriken. Her ability to spot targets via their minds rather than visually combined with Boriken’s multi-spectrometric bionic eye and natural sniping talents means there is literally no place to hide.

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