Lance Boriken

    Lance Boriken

    Lance once had a promising career in the Sri Lankan militaries special forces, assigned to stamping out the resurging Tamil Tigers movement. It was sadly cut short after he disobeyed a direct order; whilst saving a hostage’s life from an explosion and becoming crippled as a result.

    His injuries were too severe and had to have of his arms amputated and his left eye removed in order to save him. This was the only courtesy his government provided before casting him onto the streets for insubordination – a bitter reward for all of his dedication and victories he provided.

    Luckily for Lance, his achievements and skill did not go unnoticed, as the US government’s Technically Augmented Counter Terrorism (T.A.C.T.) unit offered him a new life serving them. Upon accepting he was provided with top of the line bionic arms and an eye, providing him unparalleled speed, strength and accuracy.

    Given a new lease on life, Lance Boriken is now T.A.C.T.’s tip of the spear, with its mission to eliminate and counter any and all Enhanced Mercenary activity threatening the US and free world. His hardware and natural skills are more than a match for any En-Merc, and with his new targets Misato Tachikawa, Michael Wyman and Destrato, being the best in the world he will most certainly need them…

    Lucky for him, he will not face them alone. His partner is another of T.A.C.T.’s best; Cassandra Isaacs, a chemically enhanced telepath. Her natural ability to sense the minds of those around her make her the ultimate spotter for Lance when he performs sniper duties – a target might be able to hide their body from sight, but how can they hide their mind?

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