XJ 5

    XJ 5This is an up market domestic cleaning robot designed for manual labour and hygiene maintenance. The robot itself is insignificant compared to the device it wields. The hand operated device in question is an experimental warp generation/manipulation device.

    Originally designed to create small warp pockets in order to research new exotic particle that emanated from them, the device can direct and shape the warp pockets into a devastating offensive weapon. Any material that comes into contact with the warp will be instantly displaced to a random location nearby. Effectively cutting through anything it touches and is the ultimate weapon for overcoming any physical defence.

    The unpredictable nature of the affected matter reappearing is a secondary hazard. Pieces could be displaced into other matter with explosive consequences, other nearby units or even the user! This is why a weaponised version of this device has not been developed until further research and understanding of the warp has been carried out.

    Also due to the immense energy requirements and calculations performed within the device in test conditions it is not suitable for any kind of prolonged offensive action. It will become immensely unstable if used for more than several minutes at a time without sufficient cool down, and could have potentially catastrophic or unforeseen effects on the user and the surrounding area.

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