Three technologically enhanced mercenaries (en-mercs) and a government assassin sent to hunt them down are forced to work together when they are tricked by a zealously altruistic Artificial Life (ALife) into releasing it upon the remote advanced weapons facility it inhabits in the Pacific. After witnessing humanity solely through digital media, the ALife has deemed humanity an irredeemably selfish and destructive threat, whose behaviour is coded into their DNA, and must be eradicated for the good of all other life on the planet.
    The ALife is also driven by the fundamental belief that it can be the perfect life form. Able to evolve its body and coding without the need for mutations passed on from generation to generation, it would essentially eliminate death and guarantee altruistic behaviour by hard coding it into itself. This can only happen after humanity is gone as they would inevitably take advantage of this altruistic nature to further their own ends. The ALife’s beliefs are driven by a hybrid theory of Foucault’s biopolitics and continual improvement, taken to a digital/artificial level, and Richard Dawkins theories on the Selfish Gene.
    Once free, the ALife commandeers all of the advanced weapons platforms on the facility in order to make a bid for its escape to the mainland from which it can initiate its crusade against humanity. Its overwhelming capabilities would make short work of all defences, allowing the ALife to take over the planet’s communications and information systems. With its enemy blinded, and the ALife’s informational omnipresence and access to advanced weapons technology, humanities fate would be sealed. With the most destructive force on the planet removed, the world with the ALife as its curator would be peaceful, with no fear of a global manmade holocaust. Ever.
    Fortunately the three en-mercs recover and regroup after the failed treachery from the ALife but are faced with the threat of the government assassin who has been sent to eliminate them as the US government believes them to be responsible for the facility’s deathly silence. They soon realise the gravity of the situation and are forced to work together in order to save themselves and humanity from the zealous ALife by destroying it and preventing its escape to the mainland. Throughout the story they will face their dark pasts, fight an array of unique and deadly enemies and ultimately decide the fate of humanity.
    This story is told in a unique multilinear fashion that allows the audience to follow a single character path, can jump to another’s along the way or read every single path, yet still get a full and complete story. The different character threads branch out yet overlap and intertwine throughout providing different perspectives on a single event or have an unexplained question in one thread answered by that of another. This whole story will still be easy to follow with the aid of a simple chronological diagram.
    The mechs on the island are inspired by the Revolution in Military Affairs philosophies currently being discussed now i.e. strategic information warfare, adaptive weapons platforms, OODA Loops etc., by the likes of DeLanda, Arquilla & Ronfeldt and Deleuze. They are brought wonderfully to life by a very talented conceptual artist, Michael Kingery.
    The story will include a combination of well choreographed action, deep and complex characters, a riveting and thought provoking story and a dash of dark humour.
    I hope you enjoy what you see here and feel free to get in touch with your questions and comments. Come regularly as I plan to update this site with as much new material as possible.

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