CasserThe ultimate riot suit. It has the option of being piloted or operated autonomously if the situation is too dangerous and is fully equipped to handle all non-lethal civilian pacification scenarios.
    Its shoulders house tear gas grenade launchers and its right arm can either extend to become a barrier bar with flashing warning lights to prevent or push back crowd advancement or it can fire rubber bullets from the projectile launcher behind the shield.
    Its left arm has a built in dozer blade capable of clearing any barricades or obstructions. It houses high intensity floodlights to search for or visibly impair rioters. A water cannon is also present in this arm for the purposes of pushing back and dispersing crowds or individuals, which does require it to be connected to a constant water source for this weapon to operate effectively, though a limited amount can be store in the base of its legs.
    Its low centre of gravity and weighted feet allow it to make a stable and unstoppable advance against crowds and is resistant to all forms of riot attacks, even small arms fire.
    Despite being designed for non-lethal measures, any of its weapons used in excess, close enough range or the misuse of this robots sheer strength and weight can easily make it capable of killing.

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