RadThe Rād recovery unit was developed to maxise the use of hardware out on the battlefield. It’s primary purpose is to salvage useable weapons and systems from damaged vehicles, friendly or hostile, which would have otherwise be left abandoned and their potential wasted, or even worse fall into enemy hands.
    This ability to create unique and custom assault rigs on the battlefield allows for new strategies to be opened up, especially when enemy tech can be used against themselves. The assimilation can even be used in a directly offensive manner by literally tearing vehicles apart in the process.
    The unit can also use scrap metal to repair damaged parts of its armour in tiny grid sections. It is not uncommon to see battle damaged or scorched areas of plating contrasting right next to clean freshly repaired sections whilst out in the field.
    The Rād’s processor core is extremely fast and adaptable, which combined with its immensely efficient power core, omits nearly every concern surrounding the power requirements or operational issues of the salvaged equipment.

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