En-Mercs page animation test

Did you know that the En-Mercs graphic novel experimented with animating it’s pages?

When the ever talented
Saejin Oh was commissioned to create 6 pages for Michael Wyman’s story he also decided to give them a bit of life and make
this animation.

It’s still in a rough state so some of the timings and wording are a little out, and a few of the pages are still in thumbnail form but you get the idea of how awesome the idea was.

Sadly, due to time constraints, this is as far as the experiment got but it was an interesting avenue to explore. It did paved the way for ideas on an upcoming trailer for En-Mercs. For more on that watch this space…

Feel free to comment on this and to see more videos of the characters being drawn, head over to the video section.

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Issue 3.3 now available

Issue 3.3 is now available for purchase . With the En-Mercs now having now made it to the super secret research lab in the Pacific, we can follow Misato Tachikawa’s path in chapter 1.

If you’re thinking to yourself “what does he mean by ‘path’?” then head over to this page for a full explanation. As with everything else, En-Mercs tries something a little different with regards to story telling.

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Destrato update

Destrato gets a new image from the insanely talented Saejin Oh. I’ve literally ran out of words to praise this guy as he never misses a beat and keeps on raising the ever increasing bar he makes for himself and his works.

Go check out his other works on his revamped blog, or go and see other artwork of Destrato here.


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Issue #2 preview

Issue #2 of En-Mercs is now available to preview via the widget below. Do the En-Mercs escape the ambush or is my comic series cut prematurely short with their deaths? You’ll have to buy it for the reasonable price of $0.99 to find out…

2 more issues are working their way through the Graphicly system right now so stay tuned for them as and when they arrive!

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En-Mercs issue #1 now on iPhone

Following on from my previous annoucement that the first issue of En-Mercs is now live over on Graphic.ly, I have just been informed that Apple have now approved it for the Graphic.ly app today.

Just search for En-Mercs under the publisher Omni Consumer Comics and get downloading. It’ll be the best $0.99 you’ve ever spent. So, what are you waiting for? Head on down and get yourself the first issue now!

iPhone02The app is free to download and easy to install. It’s still in beta so will continually improve over time too. Apple have a seperate queue for the iPad, so for those of you waiting to see the comic in full glory please be a little bit more patient and I’ll update you when it gets the thumbs up.


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