How do you overcome any defence?

By simply moving it somewhere else!

That’s exactly what happens when a warp bubble from the Experimental “Cox” warp generator/manipulator touches any physical matter. Whether you’re wearing body armour to being inside a tank, the device is agnostic to this. It will randomly teleport any part of what it touches with the warp bubbles it produces, including your protection and subsequently parts of you.

This device was never designed for such offensive measures, due to the random teleportation of the affected matter being potentially lethal to the user. Having your part of your opponents leg materialise inside your chest is never desirable.

Unfortunately for Misato Tachikawa, this device is commandeered by a XJ-5 cleaning mech and used against her. With speed and agility her best defence, she’ll need to make the most of it, as one touch from a warp bubble and it’s all over (the room, literally).

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