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McGee to lead shuffled council

"What we need to do now is congratulate the other 16 members of council, get together, sit down and have a good discussion about where we want to take the City of Kawartha Lakes," said mayor elect McGee, who celebrated his victory at the Coboconk Legion.

The unofficial
cheap ray bans results show Mr. McGee received 7,032 votes. Andy Letham finished as runner up with 6,351; John O’Reilly placed third with 4,429; John Macklem came fourth with 3,977; Lynne Boldt wound up fifth with 3,631; and Ken Gorham finished sixth with 751.

"My first thought is that I’m really proud of my campaign team," said Mr. McGee. "I want to thank all the people of the City of Kawartha Lakes for their support; I want to congratulate the new 16 member council and I want to commend the people who put their name forward for office."

Mr. McGee served as Ward 2 councillor in the last term and
cheap ray bans his closest competitor, Mr. Letham, represented Ward 11.

"The people have chosen, and I can live with it," said Mr. Letham. "I had fun; I met some great people. I thought people were ready for a bit of a different direction but I guess I
discount ray bans was wrong."

"People will live with the results of their decision, and I wish them well."

Mr. O’Reilly said accepting the result isn’t difficult.

"I wasn’t the mayor, so I didn’t lose anything," he said. "It was an interesting campaign. I gave it a good shot, and if people want something different I accept it."

Mr. Macklem finished second in the last election but couldn’t draw the same support this time around.

"I’m significantly disappointed," he said. "I felt I could do better than what I did last time."

"I wish Mr. McGee every success."

Ms Boldt was the only mayoral candidate to run on a de amalgamation platform.

"I think the people of Victoria County have had their say," she said, adding she will continue to fight for de amalgamation elsewhere as chair of the Ontario De Amalgamation Network.

"I think there will be some very unhappy people tomorrow," she said. "As far as bridging any
cheap ray ban outlet gaps or crossing any gaps, I think we’ve just made them wider."

She also said she wishes every vote could count, in reference to the large amount of spoiled mail in voter kits. About 20 per cent of the kits were spoiled due to incorrect completion after three days of processing, said City clerk Judy Currins last week.Articles Connexes:

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Springdale Postpones Pit Bull Restriction Discussion

The Springdale City Council postponed its discussion on what to do about potential pit bull restrictions indefinitely. Alderman Mike Overton said he wants pit bulls banned from the city, after his cocker spaniel was attacked by one.

At the Humane Society for Animals, Inc., in Rogers, director Clay Morgan said the organization has always had pit bulls or pit bull mix breeds at the shelter. He said they currently have nine.

Morgan said irresponsible pit bull owners are giving the breed a bad name. He said an option for Springdale is to consider making spay and neuter mandatory.

the animals were spayed and neutered, that would reduce a lot of the issues and the situations that we are having now, Morgan said.

Overton, in an earlier interview with 5NEWS, said he wants the city to discuss restrictions on pit bulls, saying he wants the breed banned from Springdale.

don buy the program that people say, well, it just a matter of education. That is potently untrue because those are dangerous animals, Overton said.

Nancy Sacino moved to Northwest Arkansas two years ago from Little Rock. She remembers when the Little Rock pit bull ordinance was put in place.

were many incidents of children being bitten, eaten up and winding up in the emergency room, that the city council down there had to take some restrictions, Sacino said.

Sacino has two rescue dogs. Sammy is a long hair dachshund adopted from the Washington County pound, and Chloe is a cocker spaniel rescued from a puppy mill in Lamar. She said she has friends with pit bulls.

pit bull in itself is harmless if it not bred and doesn come from a background of being taught to fight, Sacino said.

Sacino said she tries to place herself in pit bull owner shoes and said when the Springdale City Council starts discussions, it will be a hot button issue.

somebody were to say that I couldn have them because they were vicious, I have to either make a choice of taking them somewhere so they not going to be vicious or having to get rid of them. And it a hard choice, Sacino said.

Morgan said it important to be savvy if you have a pit bull.

of the time, when bad things happen, the dog has been put in a bad situation and then a person ends up getting injured, Morgan said.

Why is it that a Pit Bull (or more likely a breed that was labeled a Pit Bull because the human cant tell the difference between a Pit Bull and a Labrador Retriever only that its a dog + it attacked = its a pit bull) can bite in a given year and its banned, yet a police blotter reveals 10 alcohol related injuries/ fatalities in the last 24 hours and alcohol remains on the shelves for sale?

Why is it that city leaders are so opposed to good old fashioned responsibility and accountability, and the enforcement of a GENERALIZED dangerous dog law?

Is it because the BIG IDEA behind banning Pit Bulls has nothing to do with dogs or public safety in the first place? That banning Pit Bulls is some mediocre politician idea for re election (ie create hysteria, step in and get the fabricated danger as far away from citizens as possible, get viewed as a hero/ Public Safety and get re elected for it)?

I guess its a sign of the times: one does not sell a product based on its merits rather what one can make the product appear to be. and Canada since 1982, but are together only 14% of the dogs. One
replica ray bans of these categories are the molosser breeds, including pit bulls, Rottweilers, mastiffs, boxers, and their mixes. The other are the "wolf like" breeds, including huskies, Malamutes, Samoyeds, Akitas, German shepherds, and their mixes. Canada since September 1982, when I began logging the data, 2,792 (63%) were pit bulls; 536 were Rottweilers; 3,565 altogether were of the molosser class. Of the 514 human fatalities, 261 were killed by pit bulls; 84 were killed by Rottweilers; 384 (75%) were killed by molosser breeds. Of the 2,502 people who were disfigured, 1,670 (66%) were disfigured by pit bulls; 314 were disfigured by Rottweilers; 2,080 (83%) were disfigured by molosser breeds. Pit bulls exclusive of their use in dogfighting also inflict about 10 times as many fatal and disfiguring injuries on other pets and livestock as on humans, a pattern unique to the pit bull class. Canadian dog population; molosser breeds, all combined, are 9%. 424 dogs were in the wolf like category, killing 81 people and disfiguring 238. Canadian dog population. Merritt Clifton

An example of why leashing and licensing laws don work to solve the breed specific problem of pit bulls:

Pitbull supporters always point to Calgary Model as the perfect solution when dealing with dangerous dogs. The city introduced its responsible pet ownership bylaw in 2006. Calgary’s bylaw department emphasizes responsible pet ownership through intensive licensing, hefty fines
discount ray bans and owner education.

Has their model worked? The statistics from the past four years would indicate a resounding For the past four years dog bites have risen steadily every year, and over 350% in the past 4 years, from 58 in 2009 to 203 in 2012. And In 2010 Pit bulls led the
fake ray bans count. Bites in Toronto blamed on the four banned breeds fell sharply, from 71 in 2005 to
discount ray bans only six in 2010. Considering these breeds regularly inflict the most serious damage, this is an undeniable win for the citizens of Toronto.

Pit Bull Rescue Central an honest pit bull group. You might be surprised: It is a fact that our APBTs, ASTs and pit mixes come with a built in fighting heritage. It doesn’t matter where we get them from, whether it be the pound, a stray we pick up, or a puppy we buy from a breeder. The majority of pit bulls will, at some point in their lives, exhibit some degree of dog on dog aggression We cannot predict when or where it will happen and we can’t love, train or socialize it out of the dog. Pit bulls may not start a fight, but they will finish it.

But that did not happen, and the sharp rise in mayhem and the number of these dogs seems to have ended the opportunity. At this point, states, cities and counties should enact breed specific

Pit bulls do not attack due to anxiety or lack of positive associations and trust. They do not attack because of resource guarding. They attack because they have a genetically determined, strongly heritable brain dysfunction. idea that you can socialize a pit bull to be a peace loving dog is a fairy tale. In the past thirty years, I have seen people try this experiment again and again. They get a pit bull puppy, determined to prove that if only you raise them kindly and socialize them with other dogs, the pit bull will turn out to be just like any other dog. This has every single time resulted in tragedy.Articles Connexes:

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Featured Articles about Reaganomics

Boskin Gives the Reagan Administration Too Much Credit for Gains of the 1980s

November 6, 1988

Regarding Michael J. Boskin’s Oct. Jesse Jackson, after wrangling for days about how to challenge his lone remaining rival, sharply criticized Massachusetts Gov. Michael S. Dukakis on Saturday for his failure to make clear how he would reduce the federal budget deficit. On Monday, Sen. Albert Gore Jr. of Tennessee said: "The voodoo chickens of Reaganomics have come home to roost." And earlier in the week, Missouri Rep. Richard A. Gephardt said: "I think the chickens are coming home to roost." After refusing to comment on the crash Monday, Massachusetts Gov. Robinson has not helped, but he is scarcely the root of the problem. On the other hand, the outfit that stole Arizona’s coach seems to be getting its just desserts, after the years when Larry Smith benefited from the players that Ted Tollner had recruited. My suggestion for USC: Bring back Tollner to recruit and Robinson to coach. My suggestion for the Rams: Punt Frontiere.

Stock Market Crash of 1987

October 26, 1987

The stock market crash of Oct. 19 is the worst in this century by far. In light of President Reagan’s fantasy, Reaganomics, with its massive debts, budget deficits and trade deficits this crash was predictable. Judging by past market crashes, its impact on the United States and world economies is utterly unpredictable. In any event, the near future for us all looks dismal indeed. It behooves all major nations to convene without delay their financial and economics experts, barring all politicians, to cope effectively with this catastrophe confronting the world.

An Economic Preference

November 27, 2001

Re "What’s in a State Budget?
discount ray bans Values,"
cheap ray bans Commentary, Nov. 26: Bruce Fuller’s answer to what he calls a "let them eat cake approach" by the Bush administration is a forward thinking "soak the rich" policy, the rich being those wealthier than people like Fuller, who sits
cheap ray ban outlet atop the taxpayers’ payroll. Gee, I think I’ll take another serving of "warmed over Reaganomics" rather than the steaming hot organic slop we’re being fed daily by Gov. Gray Davis. By the way, Davis has not lost "the chance to articulate what he really stands for."

I’ll tell you why affirmative action is not working in universities, or any place else for that matter. Reaganomics! The legacy of Ronald Reagan is rearing its ugly head again. With fewer and fewer minorities
cheap ray bans entering college today, I’m not surprised "the number of full time black faculty in American colleges dropped 4%." You can’t hire what is becoming an endangered species, black college graduates. In 1981, college students all over America cried out for Reagan to have mercy and not cut government grants and loans grants and loans which were the only means available by which most minorities could attend college.Articles Connexes:

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Google driverless cars get green light for open road

Young Darth Vader from the Star Wars prequels arrested after high speed chaseBerkeley tragedy: Outpouring of affection sparked by Aer Lingus effortsWATCH: Ferocious bunny go to war with
cheap Michael Kors handbags outlet snake to save babyWhy a growing number of people are having affairsBodies of four Berkeley tragedy victims arrive at Dublin AirportBikers pay tribute to member gunned down in LimerickVIDEO: Berkeley tragedy: Homecoming
cheap Michael Kors heartbreak as mourners pay respectsToday summit puts euro in the spotlightProperty
replica Michael Kors handbags tax hike looms as home costs riseTyra Banks has had a lot of positive support since she posted her nomakeup selfie

NEWSDrug carer sacked for fake gun pictureNo public toilet sees businesses urged to let tourists use facilitiesWORLDQUIRKY WORLD . Here
fake Michael Kors comes the bride all dressed in. toilet paper?Singer Lily Allen to be alive after gas explosionBUSINESSToday summit puts euro in the spotlightCoalition has to defuse property tax bombSPORTChampionship Preview: Decades of the damnedHard to beat early season local fareLIFESTYLESean Scully is squaring up to doubtersGregorian chant to Barbie Girl: the Scala choir have got it covered

WATCH: That moment when you’re singing an
Michael Kors handbag outlet Ed Sheeran song and he joins inVIDEO: Limerick dad proves that love is really the mother of all inventionNew York Times apologises for Berkeley articleVIDEO: You need to watch Jon Stewart powerful monologue on the Charleston shootingsIt time that Ireland weaned itself off bottlesHundreds of Cork
cheap Michael kors handbags outlet students left stranded after Junior Cert disco fiascoDefence Forces role for former hurlerVIDEO: Meet Cian Twomey and his girlfriend EmilyNew York Times coverage
cheap Michael Kors of Berkeley tragedy labelled ‘a disgrace’Man gets eight years for headbutt attackArticles Connexes:

Articles Connexes:

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How To Handle a Gun Safely

Assume that every gun
fake Michael kors handbags outlet is loaded. Whether you’re walking up to a gun that’s lying on the street or you’re at a gun
cheap Michael Kors outlet store and the clerk has just inspected a gun in front of you, you should assume that the gun IS loaded and check for yourself. Always do your own inspection of any gun to ensure it’s not loaded. Don’t trust others to do this for you.

Keep your finger OFF of the trigger until you’re ready to shoot. Never place your finger on the trigger (or within the trigger guard) until you are aiming and ready to take a shot. When holding a gun, loaded or not, your index
Michael Kors handbags outlet finger should remain extended and rest against the outside of the barrel. The rest of your hand should be securely holding the grip.

Don’t point the gun at anything or anyone that you’re not willing to destroy. Regardless of whether the gun
Michael Kors handbag outlet you’re holding is loaded or unloaded and whether
Cheap Michael Kors handbags your finger is on or off the trigger, you should never point a gun at anything that you don’t want to shoot. Keep the gun pointed at the floor, down range in a firing range and/or away from any other people, animals or objects around you
replica Michael Kors handbags that you’re not OK with shooting.

Realize that a gun is a tool. Guns are designed to be used intentionally and deliberately; it’s rare that, if you follow these
Michael kors handbags outlet simple gun handling principles, you’ll accidentally shoot anything or anyone, or that the gun will go off by itself. It takes a surprising amount of pressure to pull the trigger of a handgun and it’s unlikely that you’d inadvertently fire a gun.

The best way to ensure that you’re confident and comfortable around guns is to take a course, or have an experienced friend teach you the basics of handling and shooting guns. Then you’ll have the knowledge and the skills to deal with any situation where a gun is present.

Do not handle a gun if you suspect it’s involved in a crime. If you encounter a gun in a suspicious location and you think that it may be involved in a crime, you should not move or touch the gun. Immediately call the police to report the firearm and follow their instructions.

You don’t want your fingerprints on the weapon and you should never disturb a crime scene, but if you must move the gun to keep it away from children or move it to a safer location, follow the safe gun handling instructions outlined above and do your best not to disturb or contaminate any evidence on the
cheap Michael Kors handbags outlet gun.Articles Connexes:

Articles Connexes:

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