Fighting fire with fire

Another amazing piece of new artwork has just landed from the extremely talented Saejin Oh. This time is it of the Bhel Bunker Assault Mech, designed for melee combat and building ‘pacification’. Imagine this thing puncturing a door with one of it’s flame throwers and pulling the trigger!

Bhel mechSaejin has really brought this character to life and I’m proud to see this. We have a couple more of these coming later this year, so be sure to come back and check. In the meantime, let me know what you think of this over on the Facebook page.

Also check out the time lapse video below to see how this masterpiece was created:

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It’s matter that matters

You’re on the frontlines, supplies are zero to none and you need to set up a defensive position on flat terrain – what do you do?

The old answer would have been ‘nothing’. Having seen the need for making the terrain work for you no matter the location, the Khumeia class mech was developed. It houses a device which can de-construct matter and then reconstruct it into other shapes and densities, enabling it to turn trees into shelter, stones into walls etc. as the situation on the battlefield demands. Due to the seemingly magic process this mech can perform, it is often referred as the “Alchemy mech” also,

In theory the de-construction process could be used on living tissue also, with horrific consequences to the victim. Which is kind of what happens in En-Mercs when the Artificial Life ‘liberates’ the mechs.

I this scene we can see Destrato facing off against the Khumeia mech, and whilst Destrato isn’t too phased by normal physical damage he’s not keen to find out what would happen to his body if put through the device!

Click on the image to see the Khumeia gallery and this image in it’s full glory.

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Grand Theft Homosapien

Originally developed to skitter across the battlefield and latch onto enemy vehicles and hardware to “hijack” them, the Jacker unit enables the tide of battle to swiftly change using a relatively low level of resources. Every vehicle gained is one lost to the enemy and the chaos stemming from hardware within their own ranks as it turns upon its forces is invaluable.

However, in the story their original design is twisted so the hardware they hijack is the human body. To keep the host alive and maintain homoeostasis for as long as possible (to prevent rigamortis from setting in and not waste the vast processor power needed to do it itself) the Jacker unit controls the host only from the neck down.

This would explain the look of terror and panic in most of the victim’s eyes, as they are unable to control their own body as they attack their comrades and can still feel their bodies pain. So if you’re having a bad day, think of these guys and it helps put things into perspective.

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How do you overcome any defence?

By simply moving it somewhere else!

That’s exactly what happens when a warp bubble from the Experimental “Cox” warp generator/manipulator touches any physical matter. Whether you’re wearing body armour to being inside a tank, the device is agnostic to this. It will randomly teleport any part of what it touches with the warp bubbles it produces, including your protection and subsequently parts of you.

This device was never designed for such offensive measures, due to the random teleportation of the affected matter being potentially lethal to the user. Having your part of your opponents leg materialise inside your chest is never desirable.

Unfortunately for Misato Tachikawa, this device is commandeered by a XJ-5 cleaning mech and used against her. With speed and agility her best defence, she’ll need to make the most of it, as one touch from a warp bubble and it’s all over (the room, literally).

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Timelapse time!

Here’s a timelapse video of the Grunnian Mech being painted by the ever talented SaejinOh. It’s fascinating to see how much effort, detail and creativity go into making these awesome images that bring these characters to life.

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