New artist, new art and a new update

Dan Morison brings his talented art to the world of En-Mercs with this great scene as Michael Wyman faces off against the Bhel (aka Flamebot) Mech.

His colouring and style really bring this scene to life and convey the characters fantastically.

More to come soon on this, so watch this space for even more amazing work to come!

Also, don’t forget to join the Official En-Mercs Facebook page here, for all of the up to date news on the project.


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Not all the monsters are made of metal…

With over 90% of the enemies being giant killer mechs, I decided to add a bit of variety with this one. This is more of a personal enemy to Destrato, as you don’t wipe out entire civilisations without pissing a few of the survivors off along the way.

When designing it, I wanted to see what science could acheive if it was unrestrained from ethics and fuelled by hatred. Experimenting and modifying the human body wouldn’t be off limits, collateral damage would be of no concern and objections on moral and safety grounds for the subject would be easily overlooked.

There’s plenty more back story to this one; how it works, where it came from, how it arrives etc. but I don’t want to spoil all of the surprises. It’s safe to say though that if  Destrato has learnt to fear this thing you better follow his lead on that.

RaedenThis piece of amazing art comes from the talented SaejinOh. Check out his other works on his blog here.

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En-Mercs Official Trailer launch

I’m proud to announce that the first official trailer for the En-Mercs project is now complete and online. Please spread the link with everyone, tell your friends and most importantly; enjoy!

Let us know what you think of it in the comments below or head on over to the official Facebook fan page.

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Happy Geek Pride Day

Geek prideYup, it’s got it’s own day. It took me a while to not be ashamed of being a geek, so I’m proud there’s a day to celebrate and unite all of the various and numerous geeks out there.

Nothing wrong with being a geek guys and gals. Show’s you’re a little different and passionate about what you like and do. Take my comic for example; I’m not trying to do it to be different on purpose or make a statement (I’m looking at you Hipsters). I just love doing it and it makes up a part of who I am in a special way. I’m also an Excel & Data geek, which lands me good jobs and allows me to fund the things I love.

Also, if you break down a geek you’ll see that they simply have intelligence and obsession. Not really bad characteristics, right? Beats stupid and indifferent…

Geek Venn

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Magus #1 now on sale

Magus issue 1Just a quick post to let you know that Rebekah Isaacs, the very taltented artist on En-Mercs (issue one sold here), has released her own series called Magus. I’ll let the synopsis give you an idea of the interesting premise, but I can highly reccomend it for both the amazing art and great story. So go on, check out the first issue today!

“Where were you when magic came back?  After being sealed away for thousands of years by a group of powerful men and women, humankind’s innate ability to use magic is accidentally released— leaving everyone on the planet able to perform magic!  In suburban Massachusetts, Ben and Darius find themselves thrust into the middle of a changing, turbulent new world, and intricately linked to what’s happening.  Joined by a small group of new friends, these powerful young men must unravel the secret history of magic, while governments across the globe desperately fight to return things to the way they were before.  Don’t miss the first exciting installment of this epic adventure, featuring the stunning art of Rebekah Isaacs (Brian Wood’s DV8)!”

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