Jane Luce revisions w/ video

SaejinOh does it again! This revision of Jane Luce takes her in a new but good direction. With his work continually evolving it’s really interesting to see how my characters get caught up and transformed in this process, as it’s always getting better and better!

Jane isn’t one of the main protagonists, but is still important to the plot. Being the director of the island research facility where most of the story takes place, she is responsible for the creation of all of the mechs and weapons there. Will she be able to use this knowledge to help the rest of the En-Mercs defeat them and save her daughter Ellie Luce?
You’ll just have to read more of the comic when it comes out…

Check out Jane’s other images on her profile page, more videos over at the video section too and let us know what you think of this latest image.

Click on the image below to enter Jane’s gallery and see it at a higher resolution.

Jane Luce revision 2

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