A multi-purpose grunt

Grunnian Bot smallThis is new mech instalment, the Grunnian (aka Grunt) bot, from the ever-talented Saejin Oh. The level of detail is breathtaking and you can clearly see that in the video with the attention paid on the linework.

The Grunnian, affectionately nicknamed a “Grunt”; this mech was designed for multi-purpose infantry support. Despite its small size and slow speed it is quite durable, can adapt its role in the field via modular arm weaponry and act as cover for the infantry it supports. Its various arms provide such operational flexibility like anti personnel, vehicle and aircraft weapons, extra physical shielding, repair tools, heavy lifting etc.

We’ll also be doing something interesting with this one for the upcoming trailer, so keep posted for that…

Check out the Grunnian’s other images on its profile page, more videos over at the video section too and let us know what you think of this latest image by commenting below.

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