Happy Geek Pride Day

Geek prideYup, it’s got it’s own day. It took me a while to not be ashamed of being a geek, so I’m proud there’s a day to celebrate and unite all of the various and numerous geeks out there.

Nothing wrong with being a geek guys and gals. Show’s you’re a little different and passionate about what you like and do. Take my comic for example; I’m not trying to do it to be different on purpose or make a statement (I’m looking at you Hipsters). I just love doing it and it makes up a part of who I am in a special way. I’m also an Excel & Data geek, which lands me good jobs and allows me to fund the things I love.

Also, if you break down a geek you’ll see that they simply have intelligence and obsession. Not really bad characteristics, right? Beats stupid and indifferent…

Geek Venn

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