Not all the monsters are made of metal…

With over 90% of the enemies being giant killer mechs, I decided to add a bit of variety with this one. This is more of a personal enemy to Destrato, as you don’t wipe out entire civilisations without pissing a few of the survivors off along the way.

When designing it, I wanted to see what science could acheive if it was unrestrained from ethics and fuelled by hatred. Experimenting and modifying the human body wouldn’t be off limits, collateral damage would be of no concern and objections on moral and safety grounds for the subject would be easily overlooked.

There’s plenty more back story to this one; how it works, where it came from, how it arrives etc. but I don’t want to spoil all of the surprises. It’s safe to say though that if  Destrato has learnt to fear this thing you better follow his lead on that.

RaedenThis piece of amazing art comes from the talented SaejinOh. Check out his other works on his blog here.

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