Misato Tachikawa bios & intel briefing

Tachikawa briefTo give the characters a little depth I have now begun to add descriptions to the primary characters pages, starting with Misato Tachikawa. I was careful not to give any surprises away to the overall plot, so read away!

As an added bonus I have taken a little snippet from the pages of the graphic novel, where you see Lance Boriken and Cassandra Isaacs being briefed on this character. Even though more information on her background is available, you are only seeing a rather objective view of it. With the way the comic is set up, later on you will be able to see Tachikawa’s own interrpretation on how she came to be. To see the excerpt in full size simply click on the image below to get to her character page. Would you have done the same in her position knowing only these facts…?

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