Misato Tachikawa revisions w/ video

This piece just came in from the ever talented SaejinOh today. I’ve run out of superlatives to describe his amazing work ethic with how he keeps coming back to characters he’s already done, and somehow making them even more amazing than before!

The new approach to this character is brilliant. The inverted feet/leg thing he has implemented is always how I envisaged this characters part of the suit to look but could never quite convey properly. It’s as if he’s read my mind on that part and I’m thrilled to see it turn out so well.

Her gauntlet too; it’s over-sized for her frame, but still realistic , believable and very intimidating – exactly what I wanted it for her, avoiding something tiny that could magically house all the weaponry it has, like you see in other sci-fi ideas out there. It fits perfectly with the En-Mercs world by making it futuristic but grounded in reality and believability.

Check out Tachikawa’s other images on her profile page, more videos over at the video section too and let us know what you think of this latest image.

Click on the image below to enter Lance’s gallery and see it at a higher resolution.

Misato Tachikawa Revision 02

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