Cassandra revisions w/ video

SaejinOh keeps the awesomeness coming with this latest instalment of Cassandra Isaacs!

Whilst the character is the same, it is very different too. The energy the new image conveys is outstanding and gives the character a new breath of life. The little extra details on her suit and especially her psychic hood are simply amazing. Just when I think these can’t get any better with these I get thrown a curveball and am even more amazed!

We’re nearly half way through all the characters being created and I cannot convey how exciting it is to see what he will do with them next.

Check out Cassandra’s other images on her profile page, more videos over at the video section too and let us know what you think of this latest image by commenting below.

Click on the image below to enter Cassandra’s gallery and see it at a higher resolution.

Cassandra revisions

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