Vengence is mine – a new creature design

RaedenEthics and science, at the best of times, try and go hand in hand along with us into the future. The exciting possibilities science can offer with stem cell research or over at the CERN reactor are just the tip of the iceberg.
However, the possible dark side of all of this is more or less reigned in. You don’t hear much about Eugenics or human cloning any more as they’re pretty much considered dick moves in the science community and civilised world.

But what if science wasn’t shaped or restricted by ethics? What if the only limitations were that of the human imagination? On top of this, what if the darker side of humanity tainted all of this with emotions such as hate, anger and revenge?

The Raeden creature is a product of just that. A genetically engineered human, designed only for one thing – killing Destrato. Designed to only last several minutes after deployment, this creature runs purely on adrenalin to fuel its immense bulk and rage. Whatever it doesn’t smash, tear or bite to peices it can melt with the numerous bio-plasma filled pustules covering its body. Anyone foolish enough to shoot or cut one open won’t live long enough to make the same mistake twice… If Destrato could feel anything, then these are one of the few things he would fear outright.

This is a new commission for one of the true bad guys in En-Mercs, by Xero Reynolds.

Click on the image below to enter Raedens’s gallery and see it at a higher resolution.Raeden

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