Jacked up – a new mech enters

Jacker 02Despite being the smallest mech in the story, the Jacker is probably the most sinister. Originally designed to latch onto and take over control of enemy vehicles, it’s new targets are much more frightening… humans.

After stunning it’s target with low voltage tasers on it’s front legs, the Jacker inserts cables into the base of the neck through to the spinal chord. This effectively allows it to control the host from the neck down, and whilst this is not perfect, it is enough to acheive the task of attacking others.

The scary part is that the host is still alive, unable to control their body! The Jacker does this to allow the host’s brain to carry on with homeostatic functions (e.g. beating of the heart, breathing etc.) as a live body without rigor mortis to stiffen the limbs is much easier to control.

Not being in control of your own body as you’re forced to kill others around you isn’t the best of experiences to have. Just look at the expressions of some of my friends below as they cameo as Jacker Zombies in the comic:

Jacker example

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