Let there be (Artificial) Life!

A new piece of work ALifeis in, this time for a character that up until now didn’t have form; the Artificial Life. I can’t really say much about this character as it is so integral to the plot, any details would pretty much be spoilers.

What I can say is this is the being that is responsible for bringing the three En-Mercs together to liberate it from the research facility – and effectively beginning a coup d’état on humanity.

The difference between an Artificial Intelligence (AI) and an Artificial Life (ALife) is pretty interesting. An AI is taught with a top down approach to get about e.g. to solve a maze, if you hit a dead end then turn around and remember not to come back there – eventually the AI will escape the maze.
An ALife is very different, as it employs a bottom up approach – effectively learning from scratch and creating its own rules to ‘survive’ (with maybe a few pre-programmed rules to get it started).
If you could make your own rules to survive and witness humanities penchant for violence as a threat, what would you do about it…?

Remember to check out the preview of the first and second issues of the En-Mercs comic by clicking on the links here or in the sidebar!


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