En-Mercs tells a story, in a different way

Story DiagramOne of the things that makes En-Mercs stand out from the crowd is it’s unique multi-linear story telling technique, and I’d like to take a moment to quickly explain what this is.

Other comics have multiple story arcs and tales from different character perspectives e.g. Marvel’s Civil War or Batman R.I.P., but it can be confusing to see where each story fits in to the whole event and what perspective you are getting/missing from it.
En-Mercs addresses this with the aid of a simple diagram, showing you where each part part of the story relates in the events timelines and whom it is focussing on.

It also empowers the reader to choose their own path through the story. They could choose to just follow one character throughout, maybe jump to another to continue the journey or even follow all the strands to get a complete picture of the events that unfold. More importantly it means they will never miss a part of the story through confusion or simply not knowing.

There will be some crossover between the paths to encourage and reward keen-eyed readers who follow everything. For example, an explosion might be heard far off in the distance in Michael Wyman’s story, but you can see how and why it occured in Misato Tachikawa‘s. It’s not crucial to notice these crossovers, but it certainly adds another layer of depth to the story.

A bi-product of this is that additional stories can be inserted at a later date, whether they be from myself or from fan-fiction, and the reader will know exactly where and when the extra tales take place – allowing for an even greater richness of storytelling to be acheived at a later date.

You’ve probably noticed that there are two possible endings to the story, but that’s for another time…

Story Diagram

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