browser reader (beta) now live

Graphicly, the digital distributor of En-Mercs, has just released the web browser version of their comic reader, making it and En-Mercs more accessible to a much wider market. Just click here to start reading issue #1 now!

Whilst it doesn’t have the extra features that it’s Adobe Air counterpart does, it still performs the primary task of reading a comic. There’s even a custom version for Chrome users.

You can access it by simply going to the two links below, conveniently linking to the En-Mercs library:
Google Chrome
Other browsers (e.g. Firefox, IE, Safari)

A little tip: When in full page mode, the clickable navigation arrow buttons might disappear. Simply use left/right arrows on your keyboard instead.

Browser example

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A multi-purpose grunt

Grunnian Bot smallThis is new mech instalment, the Grunnian (aka Grunt) bot, from the ever-talented Saejin Oh. The level of detail is breathtaking and you can clearly see that in the video with the attention paid on the linework.

The Grunnian, affectionately nicknamed a “Grunt”; this mech was designed for multi-purpose infantry support. Despite its small size and slow speed it is quite durable, can adapt its role in the field via modular arm weaponry and act as cover for the infantry it supports. Its various arms provide such operational flexibility like anti personnel, vehicle and aircraft weapons, extra physical shielding, repair tools, heavy lifting etc.

We’ll also be doing something interesting with this one for the upcoming trailer, so keep posted for that…

Check out the Grunnian’s other images on its profile page, more videos over at the video section too and let us know what you think of this latest image by commenting below.

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En-Mercs fan page

En-Mercs Facebook fanpageHowdy all. Just a quick update to let you all know that there is now a Facebook Fanpage. To receive exclusive content and up to the minute updates on the comic all you have to do is click on the like button below (yes, it’s that easy!):

It’s replacing the old Facebook group that was set up for this comic, as the group functionality on Facebook was a bit clunky and not too accessible to everyone. So make the switch and stay in touch.

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Vengence is mine – a new creature design

RaedenEthics and science, at the best of times, try and go hand in hand along with us into the future. The exciting possibilities science can offer with stem cell research or over at the CERN reactor are just the tip of the iceberg.
However, the possible dark side of all of this is more or less reigned in. You don’t hear much about Eugenics or human cloning any more as they’re pretty much considered dick moves in the science community and civilised world.

But what if science wasn’t shaped or restricted by ethics? What if the only limitations were that of the human imagination? On top of this, what if the darker side of humanity tainted all of this with emotions such as hate, anger and revenge?

The Raeden creature is a product of just that. A genetically engineered human, designed only for one thing – killing Destrato. Designed to only last several minutes after deployment, this creature runs purely on adrenalin to fuel its immense bulk and rage. Whatever it doesn’t smash, tear or bite to peices it can melt with the numerous bio-plasma filled pustules covering its body. Anyone foolish enough to shoot or cut one open won’t live long enough to make the same mistake twice… If Destrato could feel anything, then these are one of the few things he would fear outright.

This is a new commission for one of the true bad guys in En-Mercs, by Xero Reynolds.

Click on the image below to enter Raedens’s gallery and see it at a higher resolution.Raeden

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Cassandra revisions w/ video

SaejinOh keeps the awesomeness coming with this latest instalment of Cassandra Isaacs!

Whilst the character is the same, it is very different too. The energy the new image conveys is outstanding and gives the character a new breath of life. The little extra details on her suit and especially her psychic hood are simply amazing. Just when I think these can’t get any better with these I get thrown a curveball and am even more amazed!

We’re nearly half way through all the characters being created and I cannot convey how exciting it is to see what he will do with them next.

Check out Cassandra’s other images on her profile page, more videos over at the video section too and let us know what you think of this latest image by commenting below.

Click on the image below to enter Cassandra’s gallery and see it at a higher resolution.

Cassandra revisions

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